15. 11. 2019

Explanation of changes in shapes and sizes of Eminent kibbles

Besides improving the ingredients we use, our constant efforts to produce the best quality feed in every way have led us to focus on the best size and shape of our kibble for the different age and size categories of dogs. First of all, we have increased the size. Bigger kibble forces dogs to bite, rather than swallow or gobble it. This stimulates a lot of saliva, which helps the food to go down and makes it easier to break down in the stomach. Saliva is also very important for protecting teeth. Amongst other things, saliva neutralises the acids and alkalis in food and thus protects the teeth. In addition, saliva contains substances that help prevent bacteria and viruses. This reduces the amount of pathogens that enter the dog’s body when swallowed with food or through the lining of the gums and that can cause a variety of health problems.

Besides the size, we have also changed the shape of our kibble. The best shape for kibble is round, something like a rounded cube. The kibble is higher and the same on all sides, which means that the teeth have to cut all along its length, which cleans the dog’s teeth more effectively and helps to remove dental plaque. Plaque is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and multiple. Bacteria produce acids, which reduces the pH in the mouth, which can result in the teeth becoming demineralized. These acids even inhibit the antimicrobial effect of the substances produced by saliva. Plaque also mineralizes fairly quickly and turns into tartar. This can then irritate the gums and cause inflammations, which can eventually result in the loss of teeth.

To sum up, bigger kibble with the new shape prevents dogs from gobbling their food, forcing them to chew the kibble, meaning that it gets ground up better, mixes with the saliva and is better broken down in the stomach. The action of chewing cleans the teeth, removes dental plaque and prevents tartar from forming. It helps to produce more saliva, which neutralizes the acids and alkalis in food, and helps to combat pathogens.
It might seem that altering the size and shape of our kibble is nothing more than a cosmetic change, but the effects described above prove that the right kibble can not only help keep teeth healthy, but also aids digestion and generally helps to keep your dog in good health.

Yours Eminent team


 Tables of changes in granule sizes and shapes below
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