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Protein content on the cover - three different numbers

1. Meat content stated in the "Ingredients " / 2. Protein content stated in the " Analytical components" / 3. Animal protein content in pet food

Three numbers that are associated with the protein content of the food. But how is it possible that these are three different values? And what do they actually mean?


1.) In the " Ingredients " on the packaging, we come across a figure that relates to a specific raw material. E.g. dehydrated duck meat (34%) - means that in 1 kg of food, 34% is duck meat. But it is necessary to realize that meat is not just pure protein. It also contains fat, ash (total mineral content indicator) and water. So the figure of 34% says nothing about the protein content, only the amount of raw material used.

2.) The number next to the word protein in the "Analytical table" tells us how much of the kibble / food ration is made up of protein. Eg: Analytical components: protein 31 %, fat 19 %, ash 7 %, crude fiber 2.5 %. Thus, the information in the example tells us that the kibble contain 31 % protein.

3.) A numerical value is often given on the pet food packaging, which refers to the animal protein content.  The source of total protein is more raw materials. In quality kibbles for dogs and cats, it is mainly meat, but also plant components, which, however, lack some important amino acids. Therefore, it is important to balance the food so that the animal protein predominates and is optionally supplemented with a suitable vegetable protein.


Hello, I feed my dog with your food, but I am not sure if I use appropriate granules. Should I feed with granules for small and medium breeds or for large breeds? Of course, puppies granules. I have a German Shepherd female dog, 8 months, 29 kg. Your feeding instructions are more for granules for small and medium breeds, but I am not sure if it is not better for large breeds. Thanks, R.


Hello, regarding the fact that you have a German Shepherd, the dog of large breed that has a tendency to hip dysplasia and joint problems, I would recommend puppy granules for large and giant breeds, i.e. Eminent Puppy Large Breed (for younger puppies of large and giant breeds) or Eminent Maxi Junior (for older puppies of large and giant breeds). The two foods differ in granule size. They are enriched with chondroprotectives, substances that nourish the joints and thus help their proper development. I recommend to use this food up to 1.5 years of age of your dog and then to switch to adult granules Eminent Adult Large Breed, which are also enriched with chondroprotectives. You should switch from puppy food to adult slowly, during 4-5 days, when you give each puppy a higher proportion of adult food and you remove the puppy food, until the puppy food completely replaces the adult food. The digestive tract of dogs will have time to get used to the change and it will prevent possible problems with digestion.

From what age can puppies be fed with Eminent Puppy

Good evening, I would like to ask if I can feed eminent puppy to seven-week-old puppies or are these granules for older puppies. Thank you for answer. K.


Hello, yes, you can feed Eminent Puppy to these small puppies.

How long can i feed Chihuahua puppies with Eminent Puppy?

Hello, I would like to ask to what age chihuahua puppy I can feed him with Eminent Puppy and what is the usual shelf life of a 15 kg packaging. Thank you very much for your answer. Bes regards, M.


Hello, you can switch to adult dog food at the age of about 8 months, when the Chihuahua should reach a final body size. You should switch slowly, during 4-5 days, to allow the dog to get used to the new food, or its digestive system, and to avoid possible digestive problems caused by sudden change of food.

All our pet food, regardless of packaging size, have a shelf life of 1.5 years.

However, if you have 1 dog, I would recommend buying a smaller bag 3 kg. A 15 kg bag will be open for one Chihuahua for a long time and by constant opening of the bag can food lose the smell and it will no longer be so attractive for the dog.

Food for Doberman Pinscher

Hello, I would like to ask which of your food is best for a 16-month-old Doberman Pinscher female dog, with a normal load and weighing about 25 kg. What would be the recommended daily dose?. Thanks, K.


I can recommend your dog Eminent Adult 26/15, which is intended for adult dogs of small and medium breeds. The daily dose is about 320 g.

Or you can give Eminent Lamb & Rice 26/14 - this food is for all sizes and dogs with sensitive digestion and in addition is enriched with chondroprotectives. If your female dog has prerequisites for problems with the musculoskeletal system, I recommend this food. The dose is also about 320 g/day, in terms of dosing it is an indicative dose. Feed it for 2-3 weeks and then adjust the dose according to the physical condition of your female dog. In Your case will be needed increase the dose of food, as 25 kg at 16 months is relatively low weight. But due to fact that the Doberman has a disposition to heart problems, it is better to keep the female dog in a slightly thinner condition. If you would see that the female dog gains weight, definitely reduce the daily dose.

Food for German Shepherd

Hello, I wanted to ask you for advice. I am going to get a German Shepherd puppy and I will train him defence. I am not sure when he grows up whether to feed him with Eminent Energy or Eminent Adult Large Breed. Thank you for answer.


Hello, it will depend on how much physical exercise your dog will have.  I would suggest starting with Eminent Adult Large Breed, after a few weeks of feeding (at least 3-4) evaluate the physical condition of the dog if it loses weight or not. If it is physically fit as it should be, the nutrient Eminent Large Breed will be sufficient for that physical activity. If the dog should start to lose weight, it would mean that it has a higher physical load than Eminent Adult Large Breed can cover and you need to feed him with Eminent Energy.

Food for Cane Corso and Bandoga

Hello, I have a 7-month-old dog Cane Corso and 5-month-old female dog Bandoga and I would like to ask if it is better for them to use Eminent MAXI JUNIOR or Eminent PUPPY LARGE BREED. Or if it is better to give Eminent Maxi Junior to the dog and Eminent Puppy LB to the female dog. Thank you very much in advance for your answer. Best regards, B. K.



Hello, in terms of nutrient content, both foods are the same. They differ in granule size. With regard to the size of your dogs, I would choose Eminent Maxi Junior, because it has large granules, these large puppies better accept them, they must chew them a little bit, they will not swallow the whole ones and there is no danger of inhalation if the puppy is greedy. It is therefore up to you and your puppies, which size granules they prefer and accept.

Yorkshire - switching to food for adult dogs

Hello, we will have a Yorkshire puppy, the owner is feeding it with Eminent Puppy, to what age the dog can be fed these granules and what granules are given then? Thanks a lot, D. B.


Hello, you can feed with Eminent Puppy up to 10-12-month-old dogs, then switch to Eminent Adult, which is a follow-up food for small and medium breeds. Do not change the food suddenly, but gradually during about 4-5 days when you will gradually add new (E. Adult) to the existing food (E. Puppy), until you completely replace Puppy to Adult. The dog, or his digestive tract, will have time to get used to the new food and it will prevent possible digestive problems that may occur when pet food is suddenly changed.


Eminent ENERGY - content of protein

Hello, could you tell us what percentage of animal protein Eminent Energy contains? Thanks, Vašek.


Hello, 85 % of the total protein content of Eminent Energy is of animal origin.

Hungarian Pointer - switching to food for adult dogs

Hello, we have an 18-month-old Hungarian Wire-Haired Pointer, he weighs 33 kg. He gets Eminent Puppy Large Breed all the time. The daily dose is divided into morning and evening one. But these days it has happened that he has not eaten the whole portion, sometimes he has omitted the food completely. He is of the same weight, he is still active. Please give advice on whether it is time to change the food. Thank you. P. Č.


Hello, at 18 months I would have switched to adult dog food. The food for puppies is already strong in terms of nutrients for such an old dog , this could be the reason why your dog itself refuses the entire dose of food. You can continue with Eminent and that is Eminent Large Breed, or you can try food Hubert, which is designed for hunting dog breeds. Switch from puppy food to adults slowly during a few days (5-7), so that the digestive tract of the dog can get used to the change and you avoid digestive problems.

Eminent Puppy Milk

Hello, I would like to know in what proportion with water is diluted Eminent Puppy Milk. Thanks, S.


Hello, the milk is mixed with drinking water in the ratio 1:3. I.e. for example 100 g Puppy Milk and 300 ml water. The optimum temperature is maximum 40-50 degrees. The temperature of administration is then 35-40 degrees.

It is administered from day 1 from birth.


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