Complete food for adult dogs

Food for Toy & Miniature Dog

For your pet small in stature but big in personality, there is the Eminent Mini, the line of dog food completely free of cereals and based on quality sources of proteins. Consequently, the food is highly digestible and does not burden the digestive tract. The energy content and feeding doses are adjusted to small breeds to avoid a rapid drop in the blood glucose level. Hydrolyzed proteins complement the nutritional and taste profile of the food.

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  • Eminent Mini INSECT

    Hypoallergenic food is suitable dogs suffering from allergies to commonly used sources of…

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  • Eminent Mini DUCK

    Food for toy & miniature dog breeds that live an active life 

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  • Eminent Mini SALMON

    Food for dogs, it improves the quality of the coat and prevents dermatitis

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  • Eminent Mini LAMB

    Food for dogs prone to digestive problems 

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