Complete food for cats

Standard food

ČIČI is a crunchy kibble that offers comprehensive nutrition for your cat. the rich content of quality meats, oils, cereals and vitamins will ensure your cat is in excellent condition and has plenty of energy for the whole day.


 - Balanced meat and fat content: provides a quality source of protein to maintain muscle mass and healthy body condition.

 - Oils and fats: they help to keep the coat shiny and healthy.

 - Cereals and rice for energy and digestibility: they provide essential energy and ensure easy digestibility, which is key for digestive health.

 - Vitamins and trace elements: they support overall health and vitality, improve the immune system and the functionality of all body systems.

  • ČIČI - with chicken

    Complete food ČIČI with chicken meat provides all-round nutrition for adult and neutered…

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  • ČIČI - with fish

    Complete food ČIČI with fish meat offers optimal nutrition for adult cats, including…

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