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Functional Food Supplements for dogs and cats






Eminent Dental Care


Eminent Immunity-PRO


Eminent Skin&Coat


Eminent Chondro Forte+


Eminent Chondro CBD


Eminent Salmo Active+


Eminent Salmo Vital


Collagen Strips

  • Eminent Kitten Milk

    High-quality dried milk to be used as complementary food or artificial nursing already…

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  • Eminent Puppy Milk

    High quality dried milk recommended as a food supplement for newborn puppies and for…

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  • Eminent Dental Care

    purely natural feed material for healthy dog teeth & gums   preventing the formation…

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  • Eminent Immunity-PRO

    nutritional supplement supporting the immunity and vitality of dogs   high…

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  • Eminent Skin&Coat

    nutritional supplement for healthy skin and claws of dogs   high concentration of…

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  • Eminent Chondro Forte+

    nutritional supplement for dog joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments    high…

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  • Eminent Chondro CBD

    Tablets with high palatability This nutritional supplement contains the substances that…

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  • Eminent Salmo Active+

    Exceptional source of energy with coenzyme Q10   Salmon oil for dogs with high physical…

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  • Eminent Salmo Vital

    Salmon oil for dogs and cats with high level of vitamin E  to support immunity system   …

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  • Collagen strips

    Healthy and tasty reward for Your dog!   An ideal training treat – it can be cut into…

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