Nutritional supplements

Food Supplements for dogs and cats

Salmon oil is natural source of essential fatty acids.

Fish - such as salmon - represents excellent source of health-beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. As the mammals ( such as dogs and cats ) can not create them in their bodies themselves, it is very appropriate to supplement them to their food. We recommend adding our salmon oil to pet food to optimize ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 FAs in the organism.



Eminent nutritional supplements in powder form:

  • high concentration of active substances
  • 100% content of active ingredients (no additives)
  • natural raw materials

  • content of curative herbs

  • microelements in organic form

  • easy administration – mixing into pet food

  • simple dosing with an enclosed measuring cup

  • effectiveness in acute problems

  • no GMOs, gluten or artificial colourants

  • Eminent Salmo Active+

    Exceptional source of energy with coenzyme Q10   Salomon oil for dogs with high physical…

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  • Eminent Salmo Vital

    Salmon oil for dogs and cats with high level of vitamin E  to support immunity system

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  • Eminent Chondro Forte+

    Eminent CHONDRO FORTE - nutritional supplement for dog joints, cartilage, tendons and…

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  • Eminent Dental Care

    Eminent DENTAL CARE - purely natural nutritional supplement for healthy dog teeth

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  • Eminent Immunity-PRO

    Eminent IMMUNITY-PRO - nutritional supplement supporting the immunity and vitality of dogs

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  • Eminent Skin&Coat

    Eminent SKIN & COAT - nutritional supplement for healthy skin and claws of dogs

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  • Collagen strips

    Healthy and tasty reward for Your dog!   An ideal training treat – it can be cut into…

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