Nutritional supplement

Eminent Skin&Coat

nutritional supplement for healthy skin and claws of dogs


  • high concentration of active substances

  • 100% content of active ingredients (no additives)
  • natural raw materials

  • content of curative herbs

  • microelements in organic form

  • product in powder form
  • easy administration – mixing into pet food

  • simple dosing with an enclosed measuring cup

  • effectiveness in acute problems

  • no GMOs, gluten or artificial colourants

The supplement is intended for:

  • the reduction of skin allergic reactions
  • coat issues (brittle hair, thin coat, lack of shine)
  • improvement of skin condition (dry, scaly)
  • shedding period (spring, autumn)
  • improvement of the quality of claws (soft, friable)


Omega-3 fatty acids
ω-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) has anti-inflammatory effects
has a positive effect on the quality of skin, coat and claws and strengthens the immune system

Brewer's yeast
- rich source of B-group vitamins, essential acids, minerals and further vitamins 

- complex of vitamins and organically bound microelements