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Eminent Puppy Milk

Specially developed high-guality powdered milk is designed for puppy feeding and artificial breeding without a bitch. It supports the health and growth of puppies from day 1.


Eminent Puppy Milk is made with the needs of your small pets in mind. Its formula, which is as similar to mother's milk as possible, ensures that puppies easily absorb all vital nutrients. It is ideal for puppies that need special care, either due to the unavailability of their mother's milk or to supplement breastfeeding.

  • Complete and balanced formula: full of important vitamins and minerals, supports the healthy growth and development of your puppy. No soya-protein concentrate 
  • Healthy digestive tract: the probiotic culture Enterococcus faecium supports the proper function of the digestive tract.
  • Strengthen heart function: L-carnitine supports muscle development and heart function.
  • Prevention of diarrhoea: specially acidified to pH 5.8 to prevent digestive problems.
  • Complex nutritional composition: contains 22% protein and 18% fat, which are essential for the growth and development of puppies.
  • Strengthening the immune system: Contains essential antibodies to help protect puppies in the vulnerable first weeks of life.

Eminent Puppy Milk is not only highly digestible and tasty, but also easy to prepare, making it an ideal choice for breeders and puppy owners. Its use ensures that your puppies receive the best possible care from the very beginning, promoting healthy growth and vitality in young dogs.


Basic ingredients: dried skimmed milk, dried whey, vegetable oils (palm and coconut oil mixture), delactosed whey, hydrolyzed wheat protein, additives (vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, microorganisms). 

Content 1 kg: protein 22 %, fat 18 %, crude ash 8.2 %, crude fiber 0.1 %, Ca 0.9 %, P 0.75 %, vitamin A 62 500 IU, vitamin D3 2 000 IU, vitamin E (alphatocopherol) 270 mg, vitamin B1 16 mg, vitamin B2 8 mg, vitamin B6 6 mg, vitamin B12 50 µg, niacine 50 mg, vitamin C 250 mg, calcium pantothenate 25 mg, folic acid 1 mg, choline chloride 300 mg, biotin 200 µg, L-carnitine 1 000 mg, Enterococcus faecium 2.0 x 10CFU.

Packaging: 500 g, 2 kg
Only the best ingredients

Recommended feeding doses


of puppy

1st week – divide
the daily dose and
feed every 2 hours

2nd week – divide
the daily dose and
feed every 3 hours

3rd week – divide
the daily dose and
feed every 4 hours

for every
100 g

15 ml

16 ml

18 ml

From 4th week it is possible to add granulated feed Eminent Puppy
or Eminent Puppy Large Breed.

From 6th week milk can be fully substituted by granulated feed Eminent Puppy
or Eminent Puppy Large Breed.


Stir up the dried milk in drinkable water carefully at rate 1:3 (e. g. 100 g Eminent Puppy Milk + 300 ml water).

Optimum temperature for stirring up is maximum 40–50 °C. Serve the prepared milk from the first day after birth, always fresh and at