Collagen strips

Collagen strips

Healthy and tasty reward for Your dog!


An ideal training treat – it can be cut into smaller pieces that don‘t crumble.

Very tasty collagen stripes with poultry liver

  • high animal protein 62,6 %
  • beef COLLAGEN 50 % - for healthy joints, tendons and bones
  • grain-free – suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion
  • poultry liver 10 %
  • great taste and smell
  • excellent digestibility
  • natural - no colourants or flavour enhancers




meat and products of animal origin (thereof 50 % of beef collagen, 10 % of poultry liver).


Eminent Collagen Strips are ideal for natural dental hygiene. By intensely chewing the collagen strips, the teeth are mechanically cleared of dental plaque, thereby the tartar formation is prevented.


COLLAGEN, as a natural protein, helps to maintain healthy cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones and also skin.

  • is the basic building protein of connective tissues
  • it has positive effects on the strength and regeneration of cartilage
  • it contributes to tissue healing after injuries
  • it strengthens the skin, claws and coat
Packaging: 60 g
Only the best ingredients

Recommended feeding doses

Adult dog weight

1-5 kg

5-10 kg

10-20 kg

20-40 kg

40 kg and more

Daily dose

10 g

20 g

40 g

60 g

80 g