Salmon Oil

Eminent Salmo Vital

Salmon oil for dogs and cats

with high level of vitamin E  to support immunity system



Salmon oil is natural source of essential fatty acids.

Fish - such as salmon - represents excellent source of health-beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. As the mammals ( such as dogs and cats ) can not create them in their bodies themselves, it is very appropriate to supplement them to their food. We recommend adding our salmon oil to pet food to optimize ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 FAs in the organism.

  • Reduces allergic skin reactions
  • Improves coat quality (thick, strong and shiny)
  • Source of energy, increase palatability
  • Benefits the musculoskeletal system and promotes proper growth of kittens and puppies
  • Excellent source of essential omega-3 FAs
  • Contributes to faster wound healing and correct heart function



salmon oil 99.7%

vitamin E (α-tocopheryl acetate)

rosemary extract - natural antioxidants

Only the best ingredients

Recommended feeding doses

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