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ČIČI - with chicken

Complete food ČIČI with chicken meat provides all-round nutrition for adult and neutered cats. With a balanced ratio of protein, fat and other nutrients, it is the ideal choice for maintaining your cat's excellent condition and health.

ČIČI is a high-quality and very tasty food that meets all the nutritional requirements of adult and neutered cats. With carefully selected ingredients, it ensures not only excellent condition, but also the overall health of your pet.

  • Prevention of urinary stones: the special formula helps prevent the formation of oxalate stones.
  • Bezoar reduction: helps reduce the formation of hair clumps and facilitates their passage through the digestive tract.
  • Healthy eyesight and muscle function: taurine content promotes eye, muscle and nervous system health, and increases fertility.
  • High animal protein content (75%): ensures sufficient intake of quality protein.

With ČIČI CHICKEN your cat will get everything it needs for a healthy life full of energy. The high digestibility and palatability of the food are ensured by the addition of hydrolysed poultry liver and corn germ, making it not only a healthy but also a popular choice for your pet.



75% of animal protein

protein 30 %, fat 12 % 

Ingredients: maize, poultry meal (22 %), rice, pork meal, wheat, maize germs, poultry fat (4 %), flaxseed, hydrolyzed poultry liver (1.5 %), additives (vitamins, trace elements, amino acids), antioxidants (vitamin E and rosemary extract).

  • Prevention of urinary stones and oxalate stones
  • Reduction of origin of bezoars (rolls of hairs) and their easier passage through digestion tract
  • Contains taurine – it provides for good sight, correct function of muscles and nerve system, significantly influences fertility.


    Hydrolyzed poultry liver guarantees high digestibility and palatability of the food.



    Quality chicken and fish meat, rice and the right level of fats ensure optimal nutrition.



    Taurine together with vitamin A will provide the cat with excellent eyesight.

Packaging: 2 kg and 10 kg
Only the best ingredients

Recommended feeding doses



3 kg

4 kg

5 kg

ad libitum

55 g

70 g

90 g

100 – 150 g

280 g