For your cat

Eminent Cat Litter With Aroma

BENTONITE litter WITH fragrance

Eminent Cat Litter With Aroma offers all the benefits of our natural bentonite litter with the added benefit of a pleasant aroma for an extra fresh cat toilet.

For an even fresher and more pleasant environment, choose Eminent Cat Litter with Aroma. This litter combines all the proven properties of our natural version with a pleasant aromatic effect.

  • Excellent clumping and maximum absorbency: keeps the cat's litter box always dry and clean.
  • High odour absorption with fragrance: neutralizes unpleasant odours while giving the room a fresh smell.
  • Cost-effective: long lasting means less frequent refills, saving you money.
  • Hygienic safety: provides a healthy environment for your cat.
  • Environmentally friendly: Can be recycled and used as a compost additive to improve compost quality.

Eminent Cat Litter with Aroma is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality litter that not only effectively fights odour, but also leaves the environment pleasantly scented. Ideal for households that want to combine cleanliness with aesthetic appeal.

Packaging: 5 kg