For your dog


Do you know what's best for your four-legged companion? We know. GRAIN FREE - a hypoallergenic food designed specifically for dogs - like yours - who need a balanced diet COMPLETELY FREE OF GRAINS.

The formula of this food is based on high-quality meat from marine fish, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that boost the health of your dog's coat and skin. And that's not all! We add sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, milk thistle seeds, Chia seeds and other ingredients to give your dog the best nature has to offer.


Eminent Grain Free is not just about meeting breeders' requirements. It is a step forward that respects the modern trend towards a natural and grain-free diet. These foods support your dog's healthy life to keep your companion full of energy and joy.

Let's try it together. Give your dog the best it deserves. Choose Eminent GRAIN FREE and see the difference. Trust us, your dog will appreciate it.

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  • Eminent Grain Free Adult 29/16

    Adult dogs of small and medium breeds are lively, energetic and full of life. Providing…

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    Adult dogs of large and giant breeds are imposing, full of strength and majestic elegance…

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