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Aport Premium Adult

Complete food for adult dogs of small and medium breeds

For your adult dog of small and medium breeds, we bring you a complete APORT PREMIUM ADULT food, which is designed with their specific needs in this stage of life in mind.

  • Excellent crunchy granules: Granules are designed to provide all the necessary nutrients at optimal levels for your dog's daily needs. Their crunchiness contributes to good dental health and a fun eating experience for your dog.
  • Quality Animal Protein: Protein from quality sources such as pork and poultry provide essential amino acids necessary for maintaining muscle mass and overall health in adult dogs.
  • Complex of vitamins and macronutrients: the vitamins and macronutrients contained in the food support the health and vitality of your dog, whether it is the immune system, skin and coat health or overall physical condition.

APORT PREMIUM ADULT is a complete and tasty diet for your adult dog, providing it with all the nutrition it needs for a healthy and active life.

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Protein 23 %   /  Fat 11 %


Ingredients: pork and poultry meal (22 %), barley, maize, wheat, maize protein, poultry fat (4 %), hydrolyzed poultry liver, flax seed (1 %), glucosamine, chondroitin, additives (vitamins, trace elements, amino acids).

  • Immunity


    Vitamins E and C increase body’s immunity, enhance cell protection and regeneration.

  • Skin and coat

    Skin and coat

    Flaxseed, vitamin A, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids regenerate the skin and promote a shiny coat.

  • Joints


    Preventive doses of chondroprotective compounds stimulate cartilage regeneration and ensure good joint development.

Packaging: 12 kg
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40 kg

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