11. 03. 2022
A bowl of fresh drinking water

A bowl of fresh drinking water should always be available or WHY is water so important?

Water represents an essential nutrient for life and cannot be replaced with anything else. This applies both to humans and animals. The reason for its exclusive standing is the fact that water performs many functions in a body. We will mention briefly, where water is irreplaceable.

Water serves as a diluent in the body, allowing chemical processes and reactions to take place in cells. Closely related to this is the ability of water to act as a transport medium for nutrients, but also for the transport of end products of metabolism - in short and clearly, thanks to water, something can happen in the cell and everything is just there where it should be.

Thermoregulation is another interesting task that water has in the body. Water is able to absorb the heat that is generated during chemical reactions in the body. Thanks to the fact that water conducts heat through the blood to the body surface, we are able to maintain a stable body temperature – both us and our pets.

Water also plays a very important function in digestion. It is irreplaceable in the breakdown of macromolecules into smaller particles, which the body can already process without any problems. The aquatic environment facilitates the contact between digestive enzymes and pet food ingredients.

A significant amount of water removes metabolic products from the body that are not good for the body. In this process, water plays the role of a diluent for toxic substances. By diluting them - reducing their concentration - it allows to eliminate toxic metabolic products without causing damage to the body.

Simply, water is life-giving; so never forget that a bowl of fresh drinking water must always be available to your four-legged friend. No, it's not just a phrase on the pet food packaging, but the matter that forms the basis of life.

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