01. 12. 2023
Eminent MINI - For small dogs with a big personality

Eminent Mini – For small dogs with a big personality

There's nothing to feeding your dog kibbles, you just need to know how to do it. Mini breeds have a much faster metabolism compared to large dogs and their digestive tract is also small in volume – simply put, they are able to digest less pet food – energy that they burn quickly. This, combined with varying levels of activity throughout the day, can lead to a sharp drop in blood glucose levels. In order to prevent this condition, it is advisable to divide the feeding dose into several portions over the day. It is ideal to feed them kibbles in small doses 3-5 times a day.

We use only quality ingredients for Eminent kibbles and pay special attention to the specific nutritional requirements of small breeds. The main ingredient of every good pet food is formed of a source of quality protein which should be present in sufficient quantity so that our little companions can take full advantage of it and get the most out of it. All products in the Eminent Mini line are GRAIN FREE, and enriched with prebiotics, antioxidants and chondroprotective compounds. We didn't leave the shape and size of the kibbles to chance, either. We have adapted everything to the needs of mini breeds and believe that the products will satisfy you and also your pets.

The Eminent Mini line includes 4 variants of pet food. With its functions, each one is intended for a different target group, but regardless of the functionality of a particular variant, they are all suitable for adult mini breeds. 

Eminent Mini Duck provides the most energy. It is high in protein and fat, so it is great for dogs who live an active lifestyle, love sports and exercise. At the same time, the combination of duck meat and hydrolysed duck liver guarantees great palatability. So, if you have a gourmet dog at home who is a fussy eater, offer it our pet food with duck and you will see that it can't resist it.

Eminent Mini Salmon is intended for dogs suffering from dermatitis, skin diseases or poor coat quality. Fish and flaxseed are known to be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help restore the skin and are beneficial to the body in many other ways. They reduce inflammation in the body and contribute to the overall good condition of the dog.

Eminent Mini Lamb is an easily digestible pet food designed for sensitive dogs who are prone to digestive issues. The kibbles have a lower energy content, making them a suitable alternative to a reduction diet. It is recommended as food for less active dogs or senior dogs. In these groups, it serves as a prevention of weight gain.

Eminent Mini Insect is a hypoallergenic pet food suitable for dogs that suffer from allergies to commonly used protein sources. The kibbles are completely meat-free, we use dried soldier fly larvae as the main source of protein – an alternative that is gaining in popularity in the food and feed industry. The reason for the increasing use of insects in pet food lies mainly in the environmental aspect. Insect farming is less demanding as far as land needed and water consumption, and it also produces less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional farms. From a nutritional point of view, it is a very high-quality protein, and how does it taste? Try it and you will see that bowls will soon be empty.

Small, mini and toy dog breeds represent a celebration of how extensive the dog world is and we believe that they deserve the best care and pet food tailored for them. Our Eminent Mini line takes into account the specific nutritional requirements of small dogs and focuses on the functionality of the pet food. Therefore, the next time you think about something good to serve your dog, do not hesitate to reach for Eminent Mini.


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