11. 03. 2022
History of dry pet food

History of dry pet food

The first commercially prepared dry pet food was introduced sometime around 1860 in England. Businessman James Spratt noticed during the embarkation that the sailors were feeding their dogs in the port the remains of biscuits they were taking with them on trips. Spratt took up the idea and created the first “kibble”. It consisted of wheat, vegetables, beets and beef blood.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, living standards rose and the economic status of the population improved. So, more and more people could afford to buy a pet. The idea of pet food, which was intended for dogs from the beginning, met with success. The kibbles have spread among ordinary people and have become a standard pet food.

Spratt's formula got into the hands of a British company, and from 1890 onwards, large-scale production began in the United States. Other companies also began to develop their formulas for dry food and various types of biscuits according to the nutrition knowledge available at the time. And a new industry was born.

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